New Market Update

The JTHS Realtors Council came out last week with the March 2017 housing market update for Palm Beach County and our surrounding areas. If you were questioning before if now is a valuable time to sell your home then let this image put your questions to rest. Not only are more homes selling than this time last year but they are also selling for more! If you are interested in seeing what your home is worth, fill out this form and someone from our office will get back to you with a Market estimate. 

Here at Premier Properties of South Florida, we take selling a clients home very seriously! We understand that it can be a tiring process, but we do everything possible to alleviate the stress on your end. We are honored that we can offer complimentary and discounted services to our clients when they are selling their home such as; pressure cleaning, painting and other services.

Contact us today and we look forward to talking to you about selling your home!

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